Catawba, Virginia

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MS Survival Kit - Product Image
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MS Survival Kit

The Mountain Shepherd survival kit takes care of all your priorities if your outdoor adventure turns into an unexpected survival situation.

Positive Mental Attitude - having items on you that care of your immediate needs, reduces stress and eliminates fears.

First Aid - this kit includes items to take care of the most common ailments and injuries while in the wilderness.

  • QuikClot to stop major bleeds fast,
  • 5 1x3 adhesive strips,
  • 2 adhesive knuckle bandages,
  • 2 2x4 fabric adhesive pads,
  • 2 packets of 2 ibuprofen,
  • 4 packets of 1 antihistamine,
  • 2 packets of 1 antidiarrheal,
  • 1 sting relief pad,
  • 1 2x3 moleskin,
  • 1 tincture of benzoin,
  • 1 1/2" x 2 1/2 yards adhesive tape,
  • 3 antiseptic wipes,
  • tweezers,
  • 3 safety pins.

The In Case of Emergency card includes your medical conditions and contact information.

Shelter - a blaze orange 3 mil garbage bag can be used as a fast shelter to keep you out of harsh elements while it acts as a signal for rescue. Cut a hole for your face down a few inches from the seam. Leave the top and sides intact for complete body coverage.

Fire - Sparkie, a one handed fire starter and two Wet Fire tinders.

Signaling - Targeting signal mirror and whistle.

Water - 4 AquaMira tablets. I tablet purifies a quart or liter of water.

Food - Honey Stinger protein bar.

Additional items include a blaze orange bandana useful for wound care, sling and signaling.

The bag is designed with space for additional person items and is can be used to carry up to 8 liters of water.

Price: $49.00 

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