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Seeking wilderness survival skills and knowledge, outdoors adventure, or just a great time in the wilderness?  We are one of the finest wilderness survival schools in the U.S. Featured on Yahoo! News, CNN, The History Channel, PBS, and in National Geographic Adventure Magazine, The New York Times and Deep Survival. Mountain Shepherd helps you gain the experience and develop a higher level of confidence to enjoy any wilderness environment. We provide you with the expert skills and knowledge necessary to cope in the wilderness while camping, hiking, or if you are confronted with a wilderness survival situation. 

We offer professional instruction in wilderness survival, map & compass navigation, escape & evasion, wilderness leadership & teambuilding and survival & empowering for women.

Reggie, you are the man! What a great teacher and trainer. You are an inspiration to us. I was watching Out of the Wild, a little reality series about a group of people who were put into the Alaska outback and told to survive and make their way out with only three days of survival training. After your class, I could see right away many mistakes they were making. It just goes to show what a little training from the right person is worth! Thanks again for the great experience!"     Zach C.

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Every adventure traveler knows that there’s a chance for danger when they take a trip. But not everyone knows what they should do if they suddenly find themselves in peril.


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